Here are four words. Four-word sentences are great. Can it give goosebumps? Let’s keep repeating them. Several together become boring. Sounds like stuck record. Eyes demand some variety. So do the ears. Hark! When the writer varies the length between short and long sentences, each word then turns into a lighted match that the readers begin to see the fireworks, an explosion of radiant colors. Best writer treats each reader as a fuse.


Within a matter of weeks Marshall McLuhan published Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man, the book acquired the understanding of Holy Scripture and made its author the foremost oracle of the age.  Here’s Marshall’s famous talk “The Medium is the Message” with Australian Broadcasting Company aired in Monday Conference on 27 June 1977.

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How do you look at the world? The world is just the same; it does not change. Do you see it from down here, like a frog, as Spengler said, or up above, like an Eagle. Branding is the management of perceptions in the consumer ecosystem. Not consulting firms, marketing degrees, b-schools, books, or branding gurus. Religion has taught me the greatest lessons in branding.